Youth Theatre Supports

The Youth Theatre Support Scheme was developed to respond to some of the needs of youth theatres where alternative funding options could not be identified. Each strand is designed to be flexible and user-friendly.

Perform YT - New for 2015

NAYD are very pleased to announce the launch of a new element to the Youth Theatre Support Scheme, Perform YT.

Perform YT supports member youth theatres to perform plays from Playshare by contributing to the cost of the performance rights to the playwrights. Replacing the New Stage strand of our programme, it aims to continue to support youth theatres to rehearse and perform interesting, well-written and diverse youth drama plays. Applications ongoing for 2015

Download Guidelines for Perform YT

Theatre Skills Training

Are there specific theatre skills that your youth theatre members could benefit from that you as a facilitator don’t have the skills to deliver? Just identify the skill and facilitator to deliver the training and NAYD will support up to four sessions for your youth theatre. Next closing date will be announced soon.

Download Guidelines on Theatre Skills Training

Drama Facilitation Support

Do you need someone to relieve a facilitator over a few weeks? NAYD will support up to four sessions of relief drama facilitation in your youth theatre. Applications accepted on an on-going basis until the fund is exhausted.

Download Guidelines of Drama Facilitation Support

Youth Theatre Partnership

Have you met another youth theatre leader or group and felt that you would like to bring your youth theatres together? NAYD will pay the travel and venue costs for up to three youth theatres to come together over a day to workshop, share skills and build future partnerships. Next closing date will be announced soon.

Download Guidelines on Youth Theatre Partnership


A scheme to support youth theatres with travel and ticket costs to attend another youth theatre show or a professional theatre production. Applications accepted on an ongoing basis until the fund is exhausted.

Download Guidelines for GO SEE YT

Important: Garda Vetting

Due to the commencement of the garda vetting legislation, youth theatres cannot engage the services of a facilitator until the garda vetting process has been completed. If you intend to make an application under Drama Facilitation Support, Theatre Skills Training or intend to bring in an outside facilitator for a Youth Theatre Partnership, it is essential you contact NAYD in advance of making an application.

How to Apply

The same application form must be filled in for all four schemes. You can download the form below:

 Download Youth Theatre Support Scheme Application Form  (Word Doc, 2 pages)

Who is eligible?

The Youth Theatre Support Scheme is open to all affiliated youth theatres who have renewed their 2015 membership.

For more information, contact NAYD on 01-8781301 or by email.

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